About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Sabanci University, Department of Political Science. I conduct my research and teach in the field of International Political Economy. During my doctoral education -besides working only as a teaching assistant and lecturer,- I worked as a researcher in different global and local think tanks.

My main field of specialization is foreign aid of non-traditional donors (non-DAC),  focusing on China and Turkey. My research examines the ways by which non-traditional donors collaborate or challenge DAC-generated global development policy in Africa. I mainly use statistical tools to model donor competition or rival donors’ behavior. Data collection, manipulation, visualization, and analysis are the main pillars of my research. I use SQL, STATA, and certain libraries of Python to carry out necessary research operations. International Relations Theory and Political Economy are the two significant major fields that I link my research.

Apart from international relations, I focus on the relationship between violence and political party vote shares in conflict-prone societies.

I received my M.A. degree in Philosophy Department/Boğaziçi University, focusing on the social justice theory of F.A.Hayek.